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Car insurance: what are the tips to pay less?

Indispensable and mandatory, but too expensive: this is what a growing number of French people think about car insurance. However, there are methods and equipment to reduce these bills.

According to a survey by the Poll & Roll Institute, 2 out of 3 French people find their insurance too expensive. A hell of a budget. So much so that 11% of respondents are preparing to get rid of their car and 3% plan to simply… stop paying. A choice that is not only radical, but also illegal: driving without insurance is a crime. Road safety already estimates that 800,000 French people travel illegally in this way.

The driver’s seniority and region change the offers, but count on average €433 per year for an electric city car against €718 for a thermal car in Paris. However, there are solutions to paying less while driving on the right side of the law. We list the most important ones.

1. Equip yourself: Alarm, anti-theft, immobilizer system… By reducing the risk of theft, you encourage your insurance company to fear this eventuality less, which generally results in a 5% reduction in the annual amount. Check with your insurance company, but this may more than cover the purchase price of this equipment.

In the same way, more and more insurances reward the installation of a dashcam: these small cameras placed on the dashboard film the iniquities of which you are victims. This saves valuable time in the event of fraud, hit and run etc.

2. Be connected: This seems logical, but online insurance policies that do not have an agency have lower costs and therefore charge lower rates. The annual installment easily reaches 20% less with the only counterpart being that you do not systematically have a dedicated person to follow your file.

3. Play it safe: Do you know that you drive well or too little to fear an accident? Good news, there are dedicated contracts. Choose insurance per kilometer, much cheaper. The mileage is recorded by a box verified by your insurance company. A perfect method if you combine transport and which should encourage you to practice multimodality.

4. Play with transparency: As long as you’re being watched, there’s even better: the one Pay how you drive (“Pay according to your behavior” in the language of Jean Alesis). This connected box checks your pace, your accelerations, the duration of your breaks, if you take your turns calmly… in short, everything that makes you an exemplary driver. Depending on this, it adjusts the rate of your insurance by plus or minus 10%.

5. Warm up your brain: Our insurance contracts are largely optimisable. Thus, the all-risk warranty loses its interest after 2 years, since the purchase value of your vehicle is no longer taken into account, but a depreciated value, without the price you pay… The third-party warranty therefore becomes more attractive after 4.-5 years . There are several points of this nature to refine with your insurance company or on online comparators… It is not the most fun activity, but it can save a lot of money.



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