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Intermediate or “third party +” insurance indicates a more advantageous formula than third party insurance. It offers civil liability and additional guarantees. Cheaper than all-risk insurance, it represents a good alternative for certain driver profiles. Let’s take a look at this intermediate car insurance, both in terms of coverage and premium.

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What does third party car insurance cover?

Third party car insurance is the basic form of car insurance. It allows you to be insured with civil liability, which is the mandatory minimum coverage for any land motor vehicle owner. Specifically, it provides cover for material damage and bodily injury caused to others.

However, if you only subscribe to this insurance formula, you are not covered:

  • For repair costs of your vehicle
  • For the cost of your bodily injury
  • For support costs

You can therefore complete your third-party insurance with an optional guarantee. This is also the whole point of the intermediate car insurance formula.

What does third party plus car insurance cover?

“Third Party +” car insurance guarantees may vary depending on the insurance company. But it generally covers: protection. It represents a good compromise between low-coverage third-party insurance and fairly expensive all-risk car insurance.

“Third Party +” car insurance guarantees may vary depending on the insurance company. But it generally covers:

  • The theft and fire guarantee, which intervenes in the event of theft of your vehicle, vandalism or a burnt car.
  • The glass breakage guarantee with or without excess gives you the opportunity to receive compensation after an accident, a collision or vandalism that causes damage to your windscreen, rear windows, fire etc.
  • The natural disaster warranty provides coverage in the event of material damage to your vehicle following a climatic event classified as a natural disaster (hail, fire, flood, avalanche, etc.).

Why take out third party car insurance?

The law requires all motorists to insure their vehicle, whether it is running or not, for civil liability. This warranty covers material and bodily damage caused to third parties. As a result, the intermediate or third-party plus insurance formula supplements this basic guarantee to optimize the level of coverage. Drivers can then claim compensation in the event of an at-fault accident without paying the high price of all-risk insurance.

It is best to take out third party car insurance if you want to:

  • Find a compromise between price and level of protection
  • Get certain guarantees without having full protection
  • Protection of a vehicle that is not new
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What is the difference between third party insurance and comprehensive insurance?

All-risk insurance designates the most comprehensive formula on the car insurance market. Unlike third-party insurance, it covers property and bodily injury in the event of an at-fault accident. In addition, it offers compensation calculated according to the replacement value to be declared by the expert (VRADE) established on the Argus coast when your car is destroyed or during major repairs.

Specifically, it provides protection and compensation in the event of:

  • Bodily and property damage regardless of your degree of responsibility
  • Deterioration due to natural disasters or technological disasters
  • Theft or fire of your vehicle
  • Ice break
  • Damage to your vehicle or major mechanical repairs
  • Etc.

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What to remember about this extended car insurance

Extended car insurance, also called extended third party insurance or “third party +”, is included between third party car insurance and all-risk car insurance.

This makes it possible to strengthen the basic formula, which only provides civil liability, by supplementing it with cover for all accidents. This protects drivers in the event of bodily injury or property damage to themselves or their vehicle. And this, even in the event of a responsible accident. Better to be better covered than to be in a catastrophic situation financially or physically…

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