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Cat: 5 tips to easily win your trust

Pets are loving and social animals, provided they are well socialized in a place. There are actually a variety of reasons why cats become suspicious of us or lose our trust. Have you recently adopted a cat? Or have you already lived with this feline, but you don’t have a very good relationship with it? Read these 5 tips!

Allow time for a cat to adapt!

In case of change (moving, departure of a family member, new experience) we must give our cat time to adapt to the situation. We must also not force him to do anything he does not want to do, nor leave a place where he is hiding, nor put undue pressure on him.

Generally, the cat will respond when it feels safe. Also, we recommend that you give him time and don’t put pressure on him.

Make him associate your presence in a positive way

Make him associate your presence in a positive way

If he associates your presence in a positive way, your cat will be more willing to spend time with you. How ? If every time you show up, he is fed, played with or cuddled… Over time, your cat will associate that only pleasant things happen to him when you arrive.

So make an effort to ensure that your cat enjoys your company every day. You will definitely see how you will start to gain his trust.

Avoid penalties!

Avoid penalties!

Punishment leads to a negative relationship with your dog. They can also increase their levels of stress and anxiety, making them feel insecure or depressed.

The ideal way to raise a cat? Reinforce positive behavior. So when behavior problems arise, look for the cause and seek professional or expert help.

Organize daily play sessions with your cat

Organize daily play sessions with your cat

This is an activity you should do daily with your cat. The game can actually improve your bond, but also stimulate the cat’s spirit while enriching its daily life.

There are actually all kinds of toys on the market. Like fishing rods and toy mice. You can go further and look for mentally stimulating toys, such as a Kong. Or toys that encourage your cat to exercise and also improve their reflexes.

Offer all your love!

Offer all your love!

These pets do not always appreciate those who nurture and protect them. Sometimes they can get very angry in certain situations. But showing them undeniable affection through kisses, hugs or kind words is a great way to get them to accept us.

Also, if you want to strengthen your relationship with cats and gain their trust… Understanding the cat’s nature, patience and constantly seeking companionship is very important.



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