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Cat: Focus on this kind and sturdy breed

The Maine Coon, a typical American cat. Truly developed by breeders since the 1960s, this breed has indeed been around for centuries. Nicknamed “the gentle giant”, this big tomcat has been the favorite cat of the French for several years!

Maine coon cat: where does it come from?

The state of Maine in the United States is the most northerly of the country, on the border with Canada. English and French settlers began to occupy it as early as 1604. The boats bringing the first occupants from America also had this breed of cat on board to limit the populations of rats and mice.

So once on land, these pets developed. But having to face very harsh winters in this region, New England. Only the strongest and most adaptable tomcats survived.

A striking resemblance!

A striking resemblance!

This cat therefore owes its name to its origin (the State of Maine). Also, to its resemblance to the raccoon (racoon in English). A resemblance that was more striking in the past, when he had only tiger fur!

Indeed, thanks to this natural selection… The Maine Coon becomes a large, vigorous cat with a thick, water-resistant coat and a robust constitution. Its wide paws, well furnished with hair, prevent it from sinking into the snow.

Maine coon cat: The character of this cat!

Maine coon cat: The character of this cat!

Nicknamed the “gentle giant”, a name that suits him like a glove. Because it is an imposing cat (it is the largest cat of the feline species). On the other hand, the Maine coon has a gentle, but assertive character.

Very sociable, this cat gets along well with everyone in the house (congeners, dogs or other animals). Ausis, very attached to his humans unlike other cats, this pet does not take affection for one person, but loves the whole family. Without restriction ! However, the Maine coon tends to dictate its own will. It is therefore necessary to teach him good manners very early, while he is still only a kitten.

How to take good care of a Maine Coon?

How to take good care of a Maine Coon?

A lover of large spaces, the Maine coon does not like small apartments. Unless you have accustomed him to it from an early age. In this case, this cat absolutely needs, for its well-being, to be able to exert itself. It is therefore better to acquire a beautiful cat tree!

Also, with regard to his beautiful semi-long hair, the latter requires one to two good brushings per week. This is to get rid of dead hair, untangle knots and ventilate the undercoat.

Indeed, when this cat began to be developed by breeders with a selection program in the United States… It experienced quite a lot of inbreeding. This results in some health issues. This breed can therefore suffer from feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. It is heart failure detected by genetic testing. Also, hemolytic anemia (decreased red blood cell count) and hip dysplasia. Serious breeders will be able to provide proof justifying the good health of the parents and grandparents of the kitten.



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