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Cat gives owner a warm, loud welcome when he returns home (video)

After being absent during the night, the owner of a cat was entitled to a very special welcome from the latter on his return. The video capturing this moment has surpassed one million views on TikTok.

Dogs aren’t the only pets to celebrate their humans when they return home after long or short absences. Cats are also able to welcome their owners in the happiest way. Instead of barking and jumping as found in dogs, felines do it in their own way and with their own elements of body language.

That is exactly what the video in question here illustrates, relayed by Pets helpful and whose protagonist is a lovely cat named Kini. Female Persian / Munchkin cross, the cat with the white fur is particularly expressive and talkative.

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Kini does not hesitate to give voice by emitting all kinds of meows when she wants her owner’s attention and to make her understand something. This is especially the case when his mistress returns home after a long absence.

Recently his owner had spent the night while China was waiting for her at home. When he returned, the cat gave him a warm and noisy welcome. One would almost feel, in his attitude, reproaches directed at the young woman at the same time as the joy of finding her.

A dialogue between the cat and its owner

The sequence, published on TikTok on Monday, Nov. 7 and a total of 1.1 million views, shows her rushing to join her mistress and welcome her, meowing insistently. Then a real dialogue takes place between the cat and its human. The appearance of China and his soft steps are as sweet as his meows.

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? original sound – Kini

Although it is short and lasts only 10 seconds, the video offers us enough to make us fall in love with this creature. It also makes you want to know her better by discovering the other publications on the profile. TikTok which is dedicated to him and is followed by more than 205 thousand subscribers.




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