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Cat: How to avoid bad breath?

You can be sure that your cat’s bad breath is not always due to poor hygiene. Moreover, this is why you need to know the reasons. In this 100% animal article, we reveal the possible causes and how to avoid it. Follow the leader!

Cat: Hygiene problem or possible disease?

Yes, you should always observe your cat’s mouth. Because it can actually reveal many details about his health. As mentioned at the beginning, when a bad smell occurs, it is not always due to poor hygiene or a lack of hygiene. But rather possible diseases that begin to appear in his body. It is for this reason that it requires your special attention.

On the other hand, while it is absolutely true that your cat also needs frequent tooth brushing and oral care. In this case, bad breath can sometimes occur. Is this really the case for your animal? We therefore recommend that you consult your trusted veterinarian to identify the possible problem. As a professional in this field, the latter will be able to determine the cause.

The causes of bad breath!

The causes of bad breath!

In fact, as revealed by the large Spanish network of veterinary clinics “Nexo” on their website… Bacterial or viral infections can be responsible for bad breath in a cat. Also, physical agents that produce wounds that are then contaminated. It could therefore be a burn or any other accident. Chemical agents that cause burns. Reactions due to contact with certain insects, such as larvae, i.a.

Also dental problems in your cat, due to bad teeth, periodontal diseases, calculus, gingivitis, among others. The existence of foreign bodies in the oral cavity. Especially food scraps, thorns or bones… Unfortunately, these can cause wounds that become inflamed and contaminated, causing a bad smell. Finally, the changes in the respiratory tract and diseases of the pharynx.

How to avoid bad breath in cats?

There are many ways to prevent bad breath in cats. Meaning you should therefore put it into practice before it becomes a serious problem. The “Animal Expert” portal explains some of them. You should know that when bad breath is already present, the solution will depend on the cause. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a professional.

First, you need to get your cat used to brushing his teeth often. This gesture effectively eliminates food residues that can cause tartar formation. Make sure you have a special toothbrush and toothpaste for your pet.

A diet and regular vet checks!

A diet and regular vet checks!

What your cat eats can also affect bad breath and help prevent it. Therefore, we recommend that you provide foods that help keep your teeth clean.

Also, as mentioned above, bad breath can also be caused by health problems. We advise you to visit the vet regularly to detect and immediately treat any condition during regular check-ups.



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