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Cat walking must be taken care of in Champigny!

For the attention of Mr. Laurent JEANNE, Mayor of Champigny

Mrs BENHAMED in charge of animal welfare in Champigny


Thank you for agreeing to take responsibility for cat walking by all legal means while respecting the condition of the animals.


A citizen engaged in the defense of animals.

Art. L. 211-27 of the Rural Districts Act also provides that “the mayor may, by decree, on his own initiative or at the request of an animal protection association, let unknown cats, without owners or guardians, living in groups in public places in the municipality, be captured. , in order to proceed with the sterilization and identification according to art. L .212-10, before they are released in these same places”. For wild animals that have been tamed or kept in captivity, refer to art. L. 211-21 of the Rural Development Act.

II – Mandatory information of the population

According to art. R. 211-12 of the rural district law, the mayor must inform the population by a permanent posting in the town hall and any other useful way, about the procedures for taking care of stray animals or animals in a state of wandering on the territory of the municipality.

In particular, the public must be made aware of the following: the contact details of the competent services for the capture and management of these animals, the conditions under which these services can be called, the address, telephone number, days and opening hours of the pound or the depository, the conditions under which the animals can be returned to their owner (depository and identification costs) , the procedures for taking over stray animals outside the pound’s opening hours or the drop-off location.

When campaigns are planned to catch stray dogs and cats in the municipal area, the mayor is obliged to inform the population at least one week before.



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