Cats pay attention to what they are told, according to a study

Although cats often seem to ignore us when we talk to them, they are more attentive than you might think, according to a recent study in the journal Animal Cognition.

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French researchers have found that cats not only respond to what they are told when a loud voice is used, similar to how one speaks to babies, they also respond differently depending on who is speaking to them.

“When cats hear their masters talking in a loud voice, they react more than when they hear them interacting normally with other people,” a researcher in this study, Charlotte de Mouzon, told the paper. New York Times.

“The most surprising thing about the results is that using a loud voice doesn’t work when someone the cat doesn’t know is talking,” she continues.

The researchers went to the homes where the cats stay to play recordings of different types of dialogue from different people.

They then studied their reactions to these sounds.

These can be very subtle, from a simple flick of an ear to suddenly stopping what the cat is doing.

In some cases, the cats in the study even came closer to the person speaking by meowing.

Although these reactions are minimal, they are significant, according to the researcher.

“If cats don’t come when called, it could be because they’re busy doing something else or resting,” says the cat behavior expert. People have high expectations because when you call a dog, it responds.”

This study therefore insinuates that there would be the development of a real relationship between the master and his cat over time.

That could lead to other discoveries to better understand its evolution.

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