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Cats: Why Some Can’t Stand Water

Just because your pet hates getting the tiniest drop on their fur doesn’t mean all cats can’t handle water. We take stock in this article!

What makes cats afraid of water?

Their origin! To explain why cats hate water, many people hypothesize about their origin. You should know that most breeds today are born in the Middle East, especially in desert areas. But in the desert it is hard to find water!

Also, we notice that cats that come from areas with several large lakes are used to water. We mention, for example, the Norwegian, a cat that is native to the forests of Norway and that likes to splash around in the water!

Cats don't like wet coats

Cats don’t like wet coats

Another advanced explanation! Cats simply cannot stand having wet coats! Hence the fact that your cat looks gray when it comes to going out in the rain.

The water will weigh down the cat’s fur, which inhibits its movements and makes it less fast and flexible. A feeling that cats hate above all else! Similarly, a wet coat in cool weather can be very uncomfortable for a cat, as its hair sometimes takes quite a long time to dry.

Their movements are inhibited in the water

Their movements are inhibited in the water

Cat owners? You must have noticed it. This pet can crawl or climb wherever it wants, no closet is ever too tall for it. Cats are incredibly flexible and agile and know how to be clever when it comes to getting around.

Although they know how to swim, they don’t appreciate moving so hard in the water. Their movements are slower and they cannot run away quickly when in danger.

A relationship with water between fear and fascination

A relationship with water between fear and fascination

But even though most cats don’t like water… They remain fascinated by it. Have you ever caught your cat staring at the trickle of tap water? These pets like to understand what is going on in their environment. This is why, even though they fear water, they inevitably end up attracted to it.

Also, be careful to never leave a full bathtub unattended. Your animal could therefore want to approach it to observe the surface of the water, slip, panic and get tired of trying to get out, to end up drowning…

Can a cat be used to water?

Can a cat get used to water?

People who have already tried know! You cannot wash a cat easily. This is a particularly complicated exercise! The latter will probably be very resistant to this idea.

In general, for cats, it is better to start weaning them when they are still kittens. Moisten a glove with a little warm water and apply it to your pet while talking to him to calm him down or while giving him treats. By proceeding in stages, you should be able to accustom your cat to water.



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