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Cédric Jubillar soon released? “He is tired. We hold him at arm’s length”, confides one of his lawyers

The Liberties judge will make his decision on Monday June 13. During the hearing behind closed doors, the lawyers presented the elements in favor of releasing Cédric Jubillar for three hours.

In prison for nearly a year, Cédric Jubillar, suspect n°1 in the disappearance of his wife Delphine, still proclaims his innocence. This Thursday, June 9, the judge of Liberties, listened for three hours, the pleadings of his lawyers, in favor of a release.

The lawyers took up all the incriminating elements one by one

One of them, Maître Jean-Baptiste Alary told us that the Liberties judge was “very attentive” to their pleadings.

Cédric Jubillar’s three pieces of advice started from the public prosecutor’s press conference on June 18 as a basic premise and took up, one by one, each of the elements.

Regarding the telephone, activated at 6:30 a.m., there was indeed human manipulation. But at this time, Cédric Jubillar was with the gendarmes, at his home, for the first findings. Could this element play in favor of a release?

The decision on “this file which is not changing”, according to Maître Alary, will be taken on Monday, June 13.

We hold Cédric Jubillar at arm’s length

Suspected of the murder of his wife and held in solitary confinement since his indictment on June 18, 2021, the 34-year-old plasterer claims that he is innocent and that he is the victim of a miscarriage of justice. This Thursday morning, “he seemed a little tired. We keep him at arm’s length”, confided the lawyer to us.

If Cédric Jubillar were released, he could be placed either under judicial supervision or under electronic surveillance.

If he remains in detention, the Liberties judge will have to rule again in six months. He can do this until the trial, the date of which is currently unknown.



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