Chalon-sur-Saone. Detecting bed bugs using dog scent

In 2017, after an 18-year career in the gendarmerie as a dog handler, Pierre Pierret decided to return to civilian life. He carried out various temporary assignments but very quickly realized that he missed his military experience – he notably held positions within the surveillance and intervention platoon of the gendarmerie in Chalon -. “When you’re in the military, if you say white, it’s white. We do not say one thing and, six months later, its opposite. He begins to think about what might suit him. One thing is obvious: “I entered the gendarmerie to work with dogs. I had to find their contact. It was after speaking with former colleagues, settled in other regions, that an idea began to germinate: why not create a company specializing in the detection of bed bugs? He realizes that Burgundy Franche Comté…

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