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charges of attempted murder of Iranian-American Masih Alinejad

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In the US, a famous Iranian-American dissident, human rights activist and figure in the anti-disguise movement was the target of an attempted murder under US law. Three people were arrested and charged.

When the police in New York arrested Khalid Mehdiyev, one of the members of the command, he had an AK47 assault rifle in his hand and was near the home of the Iranian dissident Masih Alinejad, one of the activists in the first hour against wearing the veil in Iran. That was in July last year.

Kahlid Mehdiyev did not act alone: ​​according to the indictment, two accomplices, Rafat Amirov and Polad Omarov, had sent him $30,000 to buy the weapon and finance this operation on American soil. These two accomplices have also been arrested in the meantime, the first in the US and the second in the Czech Republic – he is currently awaiting extradition.

After this assassination attempt, Masih Alinejad responded with these words: ” I am shocked that the Iranian regime is still trying to kill me. »

According to this advocate of the movement against the veil, this will only strengthen the will of Iranian women to fight. Eight million followers follow the Iranian-American dissident on her Instagram account, where she posts pictures and videos of women removing their hijab every day.

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