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Christmas for abandoned animals in Ajaccio

From this Saturday morning until tomorrow evening, a hundred animals have been present at the Palais des Congrès in Ajaccio. Organized for the first time in Corsica by the Fondation Assistance aux Animaux, Christmas for Abandoned Animals brings together dogs and cats of all ages to help them find a family.

Around thirty employees and volunteers welcome and guide the many curious people who would like to welcome a small animal. Everything is explained, the history of the animal, its age, its needs. Isabelle, volunteer for the FAA and for Les Sans Colliers de Corse explains that “adoption remains a priority, but not at any cost“. Animal advocates actually ensure that each of their proteges will land in a good family where they will be happy and well cared for.

Roxane came this morning with her companion for the purpose of adopting a cat. A black animal demands his attention, but this must live outside, which the young couple cannot offer him. “We hope to go with a cat if we have a good contactsmiled the young woman. It is better to adopt animals in these kinds of associations than to buy one. It is good to be able to offer them a healthy environment“.

This morning, in just two hours, a dozen animals had already left with their new families, “mostly dogs” explains Brigitte Chirigoni, head of the Animal Assistance Foundation.We’re crossing our fingers that they all find an adopter before the end of the weekend.”. The manager would like to remind you that an animal “is not a Christmas present, it is a real commitment“. On-site veterinarians and behaviorists are available to answer questions from adopters.

Until tomorrow night you have the opportunity to come and meet these dozens of animals and why not leave with one of them.



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