Clippers ready to score a big Lakers goal!

The Clippers are not necessarilyt on the level expected at the start of the season and managers are already considering making a few trades to improve the workforce. Among the potential targets is a player that Lakers fans have been waiting for for months!

Basketball isn’t necessarily at the party in Los Angeles at the start of the season, with two particularly disappointing franchises. The Lakers are clearly one of the worst teams in the league, with a 3-10 record and the playoffs already slipping away. All experts agree on one thing: Rob Pelinka will need to activate to restore balance and improve the workforce.

If the situation is much less catastrophic for the Clippers, there is still some cause for concern. E.g, Kawhi Leonard is still stuck in the hospital because of his knee and no one knows if he will be back before the end of the year or not. And then we can add uncertainties in the game, although the record of 8 wins for 6 losses is acceptable.

Clippers want Myles Turner!

But to do even better than this 7th place, the managers could get busy in the transfer market, and according to information from a journalist from Bleacher Report, they would be hot to steal a top target from the Lakers! If Rob Pelinka doesn’t jump on his phone in the next few weeks, he could be overtaken by the local rival!

The Clippers have talked about targeting Myles Turner

For months and months, Lakers fans have dreamed of a trade that would send Russell Westbrook to Indiana for Myles Turner and trigger guard Buddy Hield. But faced with Rob Pelinka’s hesitation, other franchises are starting to look into the matter, and this is especially the case with the Clippers. Let’s hope for the Purple and Gold leader that things will go his way…

If the Clippers steal him from the Lakers, it will start riots outside Rob Pelinka’s house

The Clippers make no secret of their pursuit of the title, and to achieve that goal, it may be necessary to bring in new blood. The managers would therefore think about Myles Turner, a big defender who is capable of a few big cards offensive.

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