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CNP Assurances completes the 100% acquisition of CNP Consórcios


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(Boursier.com) — CNP Assurances announces the completion of the acquisition of the shares held by Caixa Seguridade in the company CNP Consórcio SA Administradora de Consórcios, “CNP Consórcios”, bringing its ownership to 100%. CNP Consórcios sells its products to approximately 100,000 customers for an annual collected amount of BRL 506 million. in 2021.
This operation, for an amount of MBRL 408.6, is part of a more global agreement, announced on September 14, 2022, that allows CNP Assurances to pursue its international development strategy with the acquisition of 100% of Caixa Seguridades holdings in five companies that offer the possibility of marketing health insurance, dental care, savings and consórcio products (Holding Saúde, Previsul, Odonto Empresa, CNP Cap and CNP Consórcios).

The completion of the other acquisitions remains subject to various prior conditions, including in particular approval from the competent Brazilian regulatory authorities.

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