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Conceiçao: “We must be ready, the most important thing is always our team”.

PARIS, October 31 (Benin News) –

Porto coach Sérgio Conceiçao asked his team to be “always ready” ahead of the key game against Atlético de Madrid on Tuesday (9pm) and to focus “always” on themselves, which he considers to be “the most important thing”.

“We approach this match with the intention of winning the three points and this can allow us to stay in first place”, said the coach of this duel, which has already qualified for the knockout phase of the Champions League.

The Portuguese need to beat the red and whites at O-Dragao and Brugge won’t do it against Bayer Leverkusen to reach the top of the group. Mrs. Conceiçao urged them to “be even” with themselves, because otherwise “it will be difficult”. “We are speaking as a group, we realize what is wrong,” he added.

“The path is made together and strong, always. What I said after the match against Benfica, I stand by,” commented the coach, who remains confident in the group, despite the unfavorable result against the Lisbon club two days ago. A result that, however, did not affect the team too much. “My state of mind remains exactly the same in all competitions. Football changes quickly and we have to look to the immediate future,” he added.

Conceiçao warned that “the most important thing” will always be his team and what they need to focus all their attention on. “We must be prepared. The most important thing is always our team and what we have to do”, he analyzed, after bringing some “nuances” in the composition of the team due to the absence, mainly in the defense.

– Atletico Madrid is still a fantastic team. Regardless of the time, I think that at the end of the season, Atlético will have a positive balance. It will be a less good cycle, but now is the time,” he said of the current situation with the red and whites, who must win or draw with Leverkusen to be in the Europa League.

Furthermore, during a press conference, the coach criticized the “very high density of competition” in the Portuguese league calendar. “It’s good for the club to be in all the tournaments and play every three days. But every three days … to recover, he said. “We arrived in Portugal on Thursday, a day later we were going to the Azores and the next day we played . It is not an excuse. There is a lot to do on our side, but also in Portuguese football,” he explained.

Finally, he emphasized that what they want is for the players “to be the best motivated”. “Every moment is important for the development of each of them.



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