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Condom. Les Amis de la halle is ready for a new start

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The association of covered market traders continues its animation action while waiting to experience the change in the premises.

The fall season was often conducive to a dissatisfaction of places on Wednesday morning. But around the stalls of the covered market this week, it is indeed a regular ballet of passers-by and customers crossing the offer and filling their baskets. After a transition period in which certain “historic” professionals left for a well-deserved retirement, the youngsters took over on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Behind their stalls as well as within the Association des Amis de la halle, the new generation is in place!

As an illustration of this passing of the baton, family in this case, Roseline Perotto continues her investment at the head of the association of market traders. At the just held general meeting, she was joined as co-chair by Pauline Dupuy, also a “child of the market”. After watching her grandmother, her father and her aunt write beautiful pages in the history of the place, Pauline has left her mark on it for a few months by offering early vegetables from her Ferme de Parette. She has therefore just taken a new step by entering the association’s office. “We want to revitalize a market that is worth it, with the new generation that has settled there. We want to break the somewhat outdated image of the hall, modernize its image with animations”. It is in the same spirit that the young cream woman Tony Mondeilh joined the Friends as treasurer.

Christmas market

At the end of the year, the young team will support the local organization of the Telethon and, above all, present a Christmas market on 14 December. “We will be accompanied by artisans, and in addition to a festive raffle, we will offer entertainment for children,” explains Roseline Perotto. We also plan to offer prizes in the spirit of the advent calendar every week in December, before an extraordinary raffle on the 24th”. A good way to end the year while waiting for the news that at the end of the summer will ring the bell for the restructuring work on the hall . “On that side, we don’t know much at the moment: the dates of the construction site, the place where we have to go during the work, the costs of the locations afterwards… We don’t have any answers yet “, the co-chairman acknowledges.



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