Condom. On your targets, ready, all the way to darts!

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Condomois du Darts’Agan club welcomes beginners and initiates in competition all weekend, Montesquiou room.

In popular imagery, darts and their targets are an English pub sport. Indeed, it was on a rainy evening, due to lack of combat against the French troops, that English soldiers dismounted the points of their spears and practiced throwing them at logs whose veins in “hooks” gave birth to “round” targets. The sport is also practiced in France. Darts’agnan condominiums are nevertheless the only ones organized in association in Gers. They devote themselves to this activity, invented during the 100 years war, in a training room dedicated to the bar “817”, while they wait for their own room… The Arrows really try to get out of this “bubble” and slow down. the arrival of young people, accompanied by their parents, who hesitate to cross the threshold of a café.

“It is for this reason that this weekend (today and tomorrow ed. note) in the Pierre de Montesquiou room we welcome insiders, beginners, adults and children, especially from 10 years, during the 7 version of the traditional darts open”, insists Rémi Rodrigues, the president of “Dart” (darts in English) in Ténarèze, at the head of 55 followers of this precision game. Throughout the weekend, the “dart condos” therefore aim to present themselves to as many people as possible, to seduce a large audience by moving away from the image of the sport as “thirst places”. It is not necessary to have a license to start (and start!) today and tomorrow, when an official competition will also be held. A fantastic invitation to discover this activity with obvious sporting and educational virtues for improving coordination, concentration, fine motor skills and mental arithmetic. The reception will be at 8.30 for the start of the doubles tournament at 9:00 a.m. Final at 12.00 then lunch break. Singles tournament at 13.30 Women’s, singles and junior finals at 19.00. On site: catering, meals (Saturday evening, Sunday lunchtime) and musical entertainment.

Contact on 06 21 23 82 24.

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