Consumes less energy, eats less meat… The efforts that the French are ready to make for the climate

BFMTV INVESTIGATION – Faced with environmental problems, 74% of the French believe that “we are obliged to change our habits”, reveals a new study developed by the Elabe Institute.

To save the planet, consume less? The French say yes. According to a new “L’Opinion en direct” survey carried out by the Elabe Institute for BFMTV, a very large majority of French people say they are ready to change their consumption habits, take the car less or consume less energy to limit disturbances. .

Three quarters of the French (74%) believe that we are obliged to change our habits and adopt a more sober lifestyle. A belief that remains in the majority within all categories of the population and voters.

In detail, 82% of the French are ready to “reduce their energy consumption (gas, electricity) at home” and 72% to “prefer the purchase of used products or rental to the purchase of new products. .”

Respondents are also ready to make an effort in terms of their daily habits: 67% say they are ready to eat less meat to limit climate change. Two-thirds of the French also say they are ready to pay a little more for their fruit and vegetables to be produced locally or without pesticides.

Regarding transport, the respondents also say that they are ready to take their car less (65%).

The French were against the ban on the sale of thermal cars before 2025

The French say they are in favor of banning domestic flights (69%). On the other hand, those who board a plane at least once every two years are not ready to stop flying to limit climate change. Only 31% are ready to make this effort.

Similarly, only 26% of the French are in favor of banning the sale of thermal cars (petrol or diesel) from 2025 or lowering the speed to 90 km/h on motorways.

If they are ready to change their habits to contribute to the fight against global warming, the French are relatively pessimistic about the country’s ability to achieve “carbon neutrality” and limit temperature rise to 1.7°C by 2050. Only a third of the respondents believe that the goal is achievable.

Finally, a majority of the French believe that Emmanuel Macron and Elisabeth Borne’s government “is not doing enough” in the fight against global warming and environmental protection. A figure that remains high, but in sharp decline compared to July 2019. Three years ago, 69% of the French believed that the action of the executive was insufficient.

Sample of 1005 people representative of mainland French residents aged 18 and over. The representativeness of the sample was ensured according to the quota method applied to the following variables: sex, age and occupation of the interviewee after stratification by region and city category. Online inquiries from 9 to 10 November 2022.

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