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Crac’h scouts always ready to do their BA – Crach

The leprechauns (6-8 years), the cubs and brownies (8-11 years) and the scouts and guides (12-15 years), from the Gabriel-Deshayes d’Auray group meet on Saturday afternoon in Crac ‘h. For three hours they have fun learning, living together, carrying out a solidarity project.

“We have fun, but the goal of the game is to help children grow, develop them and reveal their personality,” explains Pierre-Yves Ezanno, the new manager. “Each group must do a good deed,” he continues. The leprechauns once helped with a food drive.

Supervisor wanted

The elderly have participated in the renovation of a castle, performed fire watch in the South, sold works of art… And for ten years scouts have tried to inhabit the planet differently.

To carry out the right actions, which are not yet defined, the group is looking for people to supervise and support. “Bafa training, which is essential to supervise children, can be provided. There is still room in all age groups.


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