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Cubs midfielder Lamine Camaras: “We are confident and 100% ready to qualify”

After a draw (0-0) brought back during their trip to Cotonou, Senegal’s U23 national team is confident of winning on Saturday, October 29, the last round against Burkina Faso and at home win the qualification for CAN in the category in 2023. Towards this duel is the confidence still in place for Lamine Camara. The midfielder in Lionceaux, assessed that Senegal is ready and will fully play its luck. “For the second round, we are confident and 100% ready for qualification. The national selections in the various categories have all qualified for the international competitions. So it’s our turn. We must do the same. We can’t do anything but win. There is positive pressure and we are under a qualification obligation”, he points out. Lamine Camara thus promises a match that will be different from the first match in Cotonou. Even if he recognizes that the task will not be simple. This in view of the effort during the first round and especially the heat, which could not facilitate the quality of the game produced in the first round. “We’re going to play a different game from the first game. That’s clear,” he said. “The first leg was difficult for us. We did have a draw, but that wasn’t our goal. We didn’t get what we wanted. Not only did we not get the three points, but we’re not happy with the game we produced . Because the climate did not make it easy for us. We played at 3pm and it was very hot. Which did not allow us to play the game we wanted despite all the efforts we had made,” he adds. In addition, it revealed young midfielder from the Lions and the Génération football academy a corner of his personal ambitions during his first selection for the U23. “This is the first time I have played in the U23 selection. My goals are nothing but to qualify for the Olympics,” he said .

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