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“Customers leave in tears”

One last dance. One last night. This Saturday, December 31, Giulio Lopopolo and his wife Mireille Vanhauw open the doors of their restaurant “Vigiliae”. The last open for the restaurateur couple from Tienen, who decided to take a well-deserved rest. It must be said that Giulio has been in business since 1974!

It was in 1978 that he joined “Vigilae” before becoming its manager in 1995. A restaurant he, according to himself, ran with “a lot of passion and love”. For the last time tonight, he will use this passion and this love to serve his last menus. “It’s going to be weird,” he told Nieuwsblad. “But it’s the right thing. We’ve had some great times. We’ve welcomed up to four generations here and some customers have become real friends. Customers have left in tears since we announced our closure. But now we have to enjoy it a little and spend more time with our four grandchildren,” he explains.

There is no doubt that emotions will be there for a couple who do not yet know what will happen to their establishment. “Potential buyers are welcome,” says Giulio. But for now, the most important thing is the customers. “We will miss our customers, who are the most loyal in the world. »




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