Cyriel has found his dog Baloo, who disappeared due to fireworks on New Year’s Eve: “He is resting peacefully”

Cyriel has found his dog Baloo, who disappeared due to fireworks on New Year's Eve:

” Hello everyone. I want to be direct, but I just found my dog. Baloo is home again. I wanted to thank all this humanity, solidarity and your kindness towards him, me and my mother. It is with these words that Cyriel Bovy, a resident of Membach in the municipality of Baelen, on Saturday announced on social networks that his dog had been found.

Baloo had fled for a reason that has become classic New Year’s Eve: the sound of fireworks and other fireworks. “I took Baloo, my dog, out at about 11pm. But he heard a firework and he was very scared. He took off at full speed and I haven’t seen him since,” he said.

Cyriel and her mother then struggled to find the French Bulldog. With many announcements on social networks, beats, posters and even the call for a drone. The young Baelenois even offered a reward.

And the good news finally came this Saturday, January 7, almost a week after Baloo’s disappearance.

“I got the good news around 1:00 p.m., Cyriel recalls. Thanks to the many shares and the large number of posters in the village, people could call me directly. Baloo was not very far from my house, only 1 km as the crow flies. He is doing very well. After 6 days of racing, he is resting calmly. »

It is therefore a relief for the young Baelenois. “The year 2023 can now begin. I had difficulty sleeping, it was very hard. »

The dog can therefore recover from his feelings, and his owner promises one thing: “I will take precautions at 11 pm on New Year’s Day 2023. Happy New Year and best wishes to all!” »



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