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Cyril Lignac: His exclusive tips and advice for a delicious and gourmet raclette

In culinary trick Cyril Lignac wins all the votes. Even for the raclette, it has the detail that makes the difference!

Cyril Lignac’s raclette is unanimous!

When the thermometer goes down, share a good meal with your loved ones. It’s true that with the pandemic it hasn’t been easy lately. Fingers crossed that we don’t have a curfew in 2022! And for anything better than raclette to warm souls? Whether it’s for winter sports or during the year-end celebration, this dish wins all the votes. As always, our chef friend Cyril Lignac has more than a trick up his sleeve to spice it up with original ingredients. On the waves of RTL, he explains all the steps to make it a success. Dear readerObject, makes you feel good. By discovering this article, you will have the incredible impression of being invited to his table. After giving you the secrets behind her lemon tart, there is no doubt that these flavor associations will convince you again.


When you go to the relevant department of the supermarket or to a specialist, you are spoiled for choice. Moreover, the taste of raclette cheese is endless. Mustard, white wine, pepper, smoked, are just a small sample of what is possible. Cyril Lignac begins by suggesting that we use morbies to cover our potatoes.

But that’s not all. In fact, Mercotte’s friend is a big fan of Mont d’Or cheese. Of course, we have to make sure to remove the top to add a drop of white wine. After twenty minutes of cooking at 200°C, the result is extraordinary. Your follower will also ask you what your source of inspiration is. It’s up to you to put Cyril Lignac in the loop or let the mystery float.

The topping

A raclette without ham is a bit like brioche without toppings. For the salty, it is not absolutely not possible. Therefore, it is necessary to choose your pieces with choice. All Cyril Lignac recommends is to avoid too pink pieces. Ultimate sign of the presence of nitrate, consuming a lot of it can have consequences for your body. To know more, Object suggest you watch this video.

If you want to make an original dish, we advise you to add Grisons meat. Rich in protein, goes perfectly with cheese and potatoes. In addition, some sausages can also surprise your guests. So what are you waiting for to be tempted? Cyril Lignac is formal. From the first bite, we hurry to come and enjoy a raclette with you!

some vegetables

To add a touch of color to his recipe, Cyril Lignac is used to cooking pan-fried mushrooms. Returned with some garlic, it’s a pleasure. So why not include it in the raclette? As for this woodsman’s family, the chief leaves you free to choose. However, make sure the origin is French. You will achieve authenticity.

In some families, we usually end the meal with a green salad. Moreover, restaurants are used to garnishing their plates with it. It is not uncommon to taste a butcher’s cut, a gratin and some raw vegetables. For raclette, the situation is the same. All you have to do is season it properly.

Cyril Lignac’s crisp touch is…

Like mushrooms, Cyril Lignac cannot imagine a raclette without pickles. If you used to see it Everyone in the kitchen or listen to it RTL, you must know his love for this spice. Be that as it may, even for this typical dish, this sense of crunch only half surprises us. What if we tested to get to the bottom? We look forward to your comments or variations. More than ever before, you will enjoy yourself while paying attention to your line. It’s magic!



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