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Danny Boyle and Cillian Murphy finally seem ready to do it 28 months later

20 years later, actor, director and screenwriter Alex Garland could find himself.

IN 2002 28 days laterof Danny Boyleshot from a scriptAlex Garlandwon over horror fans with its clever treatment of the infected movie theme: Cillian Murphy it played a man who came out of a London hospital after a coma and discovered that the population had been infected with a dangerous virus. Five years later, its successor, 28 weeks laterwas directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, with Imogen Poots and Robert Carlyle in front of the camera as the trio made a sci-fi film, sunshine.

Already at that time, the team talked about a potential third part, which would be called 28 months later. But over time, everyone went to their own projects. Boyle filmed the sequel to Train spottingfor example, Garland became a director with the film Ex_Machinethen the series Devsand Murphy was a hit thanks to peaky blinders, among other. On a regular basis, this horrible project has been talked about againand 20 years later, the three men finally seem ready to meet soon to shoot it.

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All three were interviewed on this topic by NMEprecisely on the occasion of this anniversary, and Cillian Murphy responded with great enthusiasm: “Every time I run into Danny or Alex, I tell them about it. Because I showed it to my kids not too long ago, at a Halloween party four or five years ago, and they loved it. This movie still holds up , which is unique for a 20-year-old work. So yes, I love the idea, it appeals to me a lot.”

We know it the scenario for 28 months later is already written as Danny Boyle has already talked about it in the press and said that Alex Garland had developed for this sequel “a wonderful idea”. “I would be very tempted to direct it, he adds now. It would be the right time. It’s funny because I didn’t think about it until you mentioned it and then it went: ‘Bang! The script !’, the story will take place again in England and will talk about this country. So we’ll see… who knows?” For Garland, too, 2022 seems like the right time to relaunch this horrifying saga: “28 months later, you get attention again, because that’s what’s happening in this business right now. People need a good reason to go to the movies, because they’re getting less and less of that. C It’s tough for film distribution companies and movies.chains because they have a hard time getting people into theaters unless it’s for a big Marvel-like show or Top Gun: Maverick. But a third part could move people around if it’s halfway.’

In 2015, the latter already explained why this sequel would be called 28 months laternot 28 years later, teasing the possibility of a new sequel after that: “We started talking about it very seriously. I had an idea, Danny and Andrew (Macdonald, the producer, editor’s note), We had serious conversations about this. So it is an option, although it is complicated. It will be more 28 months… to 28 years old… because it gives another chapter to tell. As for 28 decades…that would be straight shit, wouldn’t it?
28 decades later, it actually seems like a huge amount, but given the difference in releases between the first and this third film, which would obviously be again carried by Cillian Murphy, it might have been wise to call it 28 years later ?

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