Decarbonisation as premium “life insurance”


Written November 8, 2022, 4:22 p.m

In these columns, the minister delegate for public accounts, Gabriel Attal, assessed that the working policy towards energy prices constituted “the life insurance of the French economy”. But in this period, which once again questions our resilience, one thing is clear: much more than price caps, the best “life insurance” contract is based on the accelerated decarbonization of French society!

To be convinced of this, let’s imagine where we would be today if earlier in this century we had invested a few tens of billions more in the already mature low-carbon sectors: public transport, shared mobility, thermal efficiency of housing , renewable energy. .. With the movement of “yellow vests”, Covid and the energy crisis now, our society has chained shock, increased by our dependence on carbon. However, this “trilogy” has weighed on the public debt, which, let’s remember, will have increased by more than 1,000 billion euros in ten years. Each time the sequence is the same: the big shock comes and massively mobilizes the state in an emergency situation with cumulative consequences in the hundreds of billions of euros. Let’s elaborate.


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