DECEMBER 2022 RETURN TARGET (FR001400CVL8) – Savings guide

DECEMBER 2022 RETURN TARGET (FR001400CVL8) - Savings guide

Performance target December 2022

At the end of 2022, after a sharp fall in the financial markets, there are many issuances of structured products that guarantee a fixed return over the entire duration of the investment. However, Objectif Rendement December 2022 stands out by offering a dividend of 4.4%, significantly higher than the competition. This structured fund is also referenced with AEP, and is therefore particularly accessible via Panthéa’s life insurance contract. Risk taking is very limited (SRI of 1) as the adverse condition would be a 70% drop in the EuroStoxx50 index.

No capital guarantee, neither during the term nor at maturity. The capital is only protected.

Conditional capital protection at maturity : up to -70% decline in the Euro Stoxx 50 index compared to the reference level on the final inclusion date, with a linear smoothing effect beyond that (3.33% price loss for every 1% beyond 70% decline in the index). Example: the underlying index falls 75% (final fixation = 25% of the initial level), the investor receives 83.33% of the nominal invested

DECEMBER 2022 YIEND TARGET is issued by CREDIT SUISSE INTERNATIONAL. The underlying of this structured product is the EUROSTOXX 50. The subscription period for OBJECTIF RENDEMENT DÉCEMBRE 2022 ends on 21/12/2022 (subscription end date may vary depending on the financial intermediaries). DECEMBER 2022 DEVELOPMENT TARGET is available through at least one life insurance policy. List of insurance companies offering OBJECTIF RENDEMENT DÉCEMBRE 2022 on their contracts: AEP.

An alternative to euro funds under conditions

For savers with the certainty of an investment horizon of 5 years, this structured product with a guaranteed gross return of 4.4% may be an alternative to consider.

Marketing Period

This financial product is divided into securities accounts, life insurance and capitalization contracts. It is referenced at Nortia/AEP. The marketing period runs from 05/10/2022 to 20/12/2022. The marketing of securities may cease at any time without notice before the end of the marketing period.

Structured product PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES DECEMBER 2022: details
Structured product PERFORMANCE GOAL DECEMBER 2022
ISIN code FR001400CVL8
Nominal value of one share €1000.00
Entry Fees 2.00%
Information about subscription From October 5, 2022 to December 21, 2022. During this period, the price will remain at 100% of face value. The issuer reserves the right to terminate the offer early at any time. Any unsold Securities will be subject to cancellation at the end of the Offer Period or will be held in inventory.
Synthetic risk indicator (7 = maximum risk) ⚠️








Registration deadline 21/12/2022
Still 40 days before the end of the subscription period for this structured product.
Recommended investment period 5 years
Underlying financial asset EUROSTOXX 50
Simplified mechanism
Coupons are guaranteed.Life insurances that offer DECEMBER 2022 RETURN TARGET as unit-link
(1)Insurance companies that offer OBJECTIF RENDEMENT DÉCEMBRE 2022 in unit-link form on part of their life insurance policies (1)
It is imperative to take all the financial documentation (especially the adverse scenario) before subscribing to a structured product.(1)

: non-exhaustive list of market offers. List given as an indication.

Profit target: 4.4% gross

The expected return is 4.4% gross according to the terms of use of this structured fund.

    Structured product, a risky investment.
  • Structured products are debt securities that present a risk of partial or total capital loss during their lifetime and at maturity.

  • Structured products are not suitable for older investors (over 70 years, failure to meet their investor profile) or wish to exit the product before the product matures.

  • Investors’ attention is drawn to the fact that by investing in debt securities, they assume a credit risk for the Issuer and the Formula’s Guarantor. You bear the possible risk of default and bankruptcy for the issuer as well as the risk of default, bankruptcy and resolution of the formula.

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