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deputies and senators find a compromise

Deputies and senators reached an agreement on Wednesday in the mixed committee (CMP) on the bill on unemployment insurance, tightened at the initiative of the LR group on the issue of refusal of CDI after a CDD. This compromise version still needs to be voted on in both chambers, on November 15 in the National Assembly and on November 17 in the Senate, to be finally adopted.

This text initially allows for the extension of the current unemployment insurance rules, resulting from a controversial reform of the first Macron five-year term, which expired on 1 November. It also triggers the possibility of modulating unemployment insurance according to the labor market by decree, Emmanuel Macron’s campaign promise.

The senators, mostly on the right, had tightened the text at first reading with a measure that a job seeker who rejected three CDI proposals at the end of a CDD cannot be eligible for unemployment insurance to fightagainst too many abuses“. They had also excluded temporary workers from unemployment benefits who do not accept a CDI offered for the position they occupy in the meantime. “The government didn’t want it, but we didn’t fold“, declared to AFP the rapporteur for the text in the Senate Frédérique Puissat (LR).

The compromise reached after arbitration in Matignon, according to the senator, aligns the two scenarios: two rejections of a CDI after a CDD and two rejections of a CDI after a temporary contract in the same position will lead to the loss of uncertainty allowance, but also the loss of unemployment benefits . For the LR group, “unemployment insurance is and must remain an insurance system designed to alleviate life’s hardships; it can no longer be a counter that unlocks entitlements that can be recharged and used at will“. In Article 1, the agreement in the CMP, on the other hand, returns to the deadline of 31 December 2023, which was voted in the National Assembly, for the extension of the current rules for social security funds. The senators had brought it back to 31 August.




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