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Digital natives are not ready to be bored at a job for two years

Dynamic, mobility, good command of new technologies… The younger generations approach working life in a completely different way to their elders and shake up the company’s codes. With us, for example, we recruit both young school students and experienced candidates. We do a mix between people aged 30 and above and young people in their 20s and that is a source of wealth for us. One of the most important characteristics of digital natives is first and foremost the mastery of digital tools. The only downside is that they are often in push mode, meaning that information comes to them without them having to look for it. Instagram, Facebook…for them information passes through these networks and they rarely use emails. It is somewhere in the mindset that has changed.
Another quality: the impatience to progress, to learn new things. Millennials are not willing to be bored in a job for two years just on the promise that things will be better three years later. They want to feel the challenge right away. The challenge for us is that the person should not stay on a project for more than six months. A manager’s main concern today is summed up in the following question: “How to handle them, but also how to retain them?” Loyalty practices can be articulated around several levers, but for me, the first lever consists of entrusting them with innovative projects that allow them to realize themselves, which will reinforce their sense of belonging and loyalty to the ‘company. Second, give them exposure for their career. Even if there is no promise of their development within the structure, they must at least be given new skills which will allow them to, why not, double their value in the labor market. Finally, youth today are sensitive to soft skills issues. They accept their faults quite easily and can strengthen themselves further while empathizing with them.




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