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Discover how to cut zucchini like a great chef in 5 different ways!

Summer is here and we all want to eat lighter and feel better! No more large quantities of generously greasy food! Raclettes are over! Eh yes ! But don’t worry, because after reading how to cut zucchini like a great chef and what you can do with them, raclette will be a distant memory. At least until fall. Hey, we’re not magicians… But we digress! Without further ado, here are five wonderful and super easy ways to cut them up and turn them into gourmet dishes. Let’s go !

Did you know that the way you cut vegetables and meat determines their taste? You might think, “Oh, the ingredient is the same, who cares if it’s chopped and cut with teeth?” Uh… If you’re really wondering that, get help. However, for most of us, we don’t actually like the hassle of chopping up tiny pieces of vegetables after a long day at work. But there are tricks that you may not know! It’s all simple and straightforward and we’re here to give you inspiration, a dash of new ideas and a good dose of appetite!

how to cut zucchini into strips

The famous zucchini spaghetti is the fantasy of gluten intolerant people! Whether you’re following the keto diet, struggling to eat gluten, or want to try this wonderful and healthy dish, you first need to know how to cut it properly! There are several ways to do this: buy and use a spiralizer, like in the first picture, use a knife or a grater. Many of us only have one knife. However, it looks like the noodles won’t be as thin and flavorful as if made with the spiral peeler. So here is a video on how to make zucchini spaghetti with a knife!

To make the perfect vegetarian barbecue

vegetarian bbq recipes

Cutting zucchini for grilling is very easy. Just cut off the top and bottom, then cut evenly thick pieces as pictured. You decide if you want them horizontally or vertically. The important thing is that they have that meaty texture when you eat them and that they don’t melt because of the fire.

To prepare vegan tagliatelle, lasagna or sushi

how to cut zucchini into tagliatelle

Doesn’t this all sound wonderfully simple? All you need here is a peeler and a little imagination. Want to prepare healthy sushi, vegetarian lasagna and even mouth-watering tagliatelle? Grab your zucchini and the peeler and just start peeling them from top to bottom. Use it as the outer layer of sushi, lasagna sheets and the tagliatelle itself. Add a sauce of your choice, but our favorite is Bolognese!

Stuffed zucchini

zucchini stuffed with minced meat

Here you will need a good old spoon. Cut the zucchini in half and gently scrape out the inside with the spoon. You can use the leftovers later in another tasty dish. Fill them with cream cheese for a delicious snack, or make stuffed zucchini with ground beef and cheese.

In circles and sticks!

how to cut round zucchini

We’re sure you already know how to cut zucchini into cubes. Cover them with eggs and flour and fry them in a pan. Eat them with garlic sauce.

zucchini benefits

The same goes for sticks. They make wonderful fries substitutes!

how to cut zucchini leaves


Need a quick and easy summer meal recipe?

quick and easy summer recipe

Vegetables, feta and basil… Divine idyll!

original and easy summer recipes

Need a simple aperitif idea at the last moment? We are here !

quick aperitif idea without cooking

Sushi from zucchini: why not?

how to cook like a chef

Learn the art of cutting to prepare wonderful dishes!

how to cut vegetables for appetizer

You can also grate them!

how to julienne zucchini

No need for a device to cut zucchini into spaghetti with our tips!

device for cutting zucchini into spaghetti

The DeaVita team wishes you a good day and a good appetite!

how to cut zucchini



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