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Discover TakeCare by Leocare, the application that focuses on prevention

Article sponsored by Leocare

Leocare 100% mobile insurance is different from others. Instead of having agencies all over France, Leocare works thanks to an application that allows policyholders to sign one or more contracts, adjust their options and get all the information they need about their guarantees. In order to best support its policyholders and protect them, neo insurance has developed an application called TakeCare. This focuses on prevention to reduce the risk of road accidents. It also offers other very practical services, especially for introducing more economical driving.

Why did Leocare create the TakeCare app?

The TakeCare app was created by Leocare to protect policyholders. Like the application now known to everyone, called #TousAntiCovid, TakeCare warns drivers when they enter a risk zone or when they need to change their driving. But why ? To understand, look at the numbers.

According to the national interministerial road safety observatory, more than 53,000 accidents occur each year. In 2021, 2,947 people lost their lives as a result of a traffic accident. This figure has increased by 16% compared to the year 2020. At the same time, the mortality rate among cyclists has also increased by 16%. The difference is explained by the return to normal life after several periods of confinement. The French travel an average of 12,200 km, 47% of them choose a holiday destination more than 500 km from their home. As you have probably understood, mortality can and must be reduced.

While all insurance companies increase prevention and road safety campaigns for their policyholders, Leocare wanted to go further. It is for this reason that the TakeCare application was born. Remember that Leocare insurance is 100% mobile, so it was only natural that it offered a product in its own image.

How does the TakeCare app work?

Like the insurance app, Leocare’s TakeCare app is very easy to use. Thanks to excellent data utilization and artificial intelligence, TakeCare manages to predict the risk of traffic accidents. To do this, the application takes into account data from the road network, accidents recorded during the last 10 years, sinuosity, curvature and road conditions, average traffic, real-time traffic and finally the weather.

Users must launch the app before hitting the road. The services are activated automatically. Thanks to the application’s algorithm, drivers are informed about the risk of an accident in real time. When this risk is too high, an audio message is emitted. It indicates to the user that the conditions are risky and that he must adjust his driving. TakeCare therefore significantly reduces the risk of collision or accident. Users are more attentive, but also more focused. The application also offers drivers to modify their driving. Thanks to a reduced speed and more buoyancy, they reduce fuel consumption.

A first version of the TakeCare application will soon be available in Île-de-France and Ille-et-Vilaine. Data is not saved. When the user closes the app, the browser data is deleted. It will be possible to use this service from iOS and Android. The 130,000 Leocare customers will be able to test it in preview. For them it will be 100% free.

All about Leocare car insurance

Whether you want to take advantage of the TakeCare application or not, you are looking for high-performance car insurance at a reduced price. What if you chose the Leocare guarantees? The new generation insurance offers 3 levels of guarantees for drivers.

You can choose third-party insurance. This provides minimal coverage, namely civil liability, and at a low cost. In the event of an accident, material and bodily damage caused to third parties as well as personal injury to the insured are covered. Tiers+ insurance offers intermediate protection. It includes all the guarantees of the third-party formula as well as additional options. With this insurance contract, your vehicle is covered in the event of theft, vandalism, fire, attack or even natural, climatic or technological disasters. Broken glass is included. All Risks insurance is insurance that covers all damages, regardless of whether you are responsible for the accident or not. This formula provides optimal coverage. It is especially recommended for people who drive every day, those who have a new vehicle or a powerful car.

Leocare car insurance allows you to insure another driver. This may even be a young driver. It also allows you to benefit from the support of the refresher course needed to regain the lost points on your licence. 0 km assistance with a loaner car is included in all formulas, it is also free. After drawing, which takes less than 4 minutes, the insured immediately has his proof. He can therefore take the wheel without waiting. When troubleshooting, it is possible to follow the tow truck in real time from the application.

Leocare is an insurance policy different from the others. Thanks to a 100% dematerialized operation, it offers 25% cheaper rates with equal guarantees. These favorable prices naturally apply to car insurance, but also to the other insurances that Leocare offers, namely motorcycle, home and even smartphone insurance. In the event of a claim, file handling is quick and easy. It is done from the application. The insured sends the requested documents electronically. He can also send pictures. He is quickly called by a claims officer who accompanies him in his steps to get compensation paid out as quickly as possible. Thanks to the application, the insured knows exactly where his file is.

Want to take advantage of the TakeCare app? Rest assured, it will be available in a few weeks. In the meantime, you can discover the new generation of insurance offers and save money.



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