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Do you have an electric car? L’olivier Assurance will refund you €50

Infomercial. With the ban on the sale of thermal vehicles in 2035, the future belongs to electric cars. If you’ve taken the plunge or are about to, L’olivier Assurance gives you a helping hand by refunding you €50 on your insurance policy.

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Whether we like it or not, the electric revolution is underway. This is the decision of the European Commission, which has set itself the goal of selling only zero-emission vehicles from 2035. The entire automotive industry is in operation to democratize this type of motorisation, while multiplying investments to install a network of charging stations to a sufficient extent. More and more French people are converting to the electric fairy. Why not you?

Month after month, the manufacturers’ offer expands and there is something for everyone: from a new city car, like the Dacia Spring, to SUVs like the Tesla Model Y or versatile city cars like the Peugeot e-208, the best-selling electric model in France.

aids for purchase

Driving an electric car contributes to the ecological transition by acting at its level on global warming. Having an electric car reduces greenhouse gas emissions. It is also the guarantee of being able to drive even in the event of a pollution peak in the famous ZFE (Low Emission Zones). In addition, there is support for the purchase of an electric vehicle:

  • an organic bonus of up to €7,000 (subject to conditions);
  • and the conversion bonus. If you scrap a petrol car from before 2006 or a diesel car from before 2011, the bonus can go up to €6,000 when buying an electric car. Good news, the conversion bonus can be combined with the organic bonus.

€50* and specific services

And it’s not over! L’olivier Assurance will reimburse you €50* on your electric car insurance. Get your car price in 5 minutes.

To insure your electric car, we recommend All Risks insurance. This is the most suitable formula for newer vehicles. In addition, we offer specific coverage for your car:

  • a warranty against power failure;
  • battery, charging cable and adapter warranty;
  • and 24/7** assistance if needed.

* This offer is valid until 31 December 2023. It cannot be combined with other current offers and is only intended for customers who have not used a price comparison engine to obtain their offer. For more information, please see the rules for the promotional offer for electric cars. **Service provided by our assistance partners, valid in mainland France to any holder of a L’olivier Assurance motor insurance contract, subject to the conditions of the assistance guarantee taken out.



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