Does my dog/cat know when the evening has been too wet?

The drunkenness of the owner will never leave a dog or cat insensitive. For a first reason: their sense of smell. As we know, dogs have many more olfactory cells than we do, and the area of ​​their brain dedicated to smell is also much larger than in humans. So chewing gum to hide the smell of alcohol will not be enough, and what is more, the body odor released by the pores of our skin will also change when alcohol consumption has been excessive. Since our animals are very sensitive to smells, it is very possible that they will be bothered and run away from us.

Second reason: dogs and cats know us by heart. They spend so much time observing us that each of our gestures is deciphered, memorized or with alcohol, the movements are less coordinated, the gait can be hesitant… Again, this can be enough to scare your dog or cat, which do not understand what is happening to you. Some, the more daring and curious, will be fascinated and will seek to get closer to you.

Third reason: our behavior towards them may change, and scare them again! So you avoid succumbing to the lack of inhibition that alcohol causes in your relationship with your dog or cat.

Let’s not forget to remember that alcohol is a real poison for dogs and cats and that we don’t allow them to have very sweet alcoholic drinks that might tempt them.

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