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Dog Walks To Daycare With His Lunchbox And Makes It A Point To Always Bring It Home

Who would have thought that nowadays dogs go to daycare when their owners can’t take care of them while they’re at work. Every day things are progressing more and more. These child care centers undoubtedly make life easier for many people who cannot take care of their dog during the day. Indeed, these nurseries are willing to take care of them and keep pets healthy in the absence of their master.

It is clear that dogs today are like children to some people. Indeed, dogs are now rarely used as guard animals and they are allowed to sleep in the house, even in the bed. In addition, many people buy them clothes, take them on trips and even go to kindergarten like this funny Golden retriever.

The owners of this unique dog are sharing hilarious content about their pet on the Rocky Golden account. A lovely dog ​​that they often send to daycare when they can’t take care of him during the day. What’s funny is that he carries a lunch box and, as if he were a responsible child, he never forgets to bring it back in his mouth, it’s adorable.

A dog goes to daycare with his lunch box.

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This dog has shown that he is super responsible and always remembers that whatever he takes to kindergarten, he has to bring home. It’s amazing, because there are so many children who always forget their things at school, but this dog seems to have the memory of an elephant, he never forgot anything, especially not his beloved lunch box.

Rocky’s owners commented in one of their posts: “He never forgot his lunch box, not once did he come home from daycare without his box. For our dog, his lunch box is sacred, because it carries the food he enjoys so much. It’s fun to watch him get off the ‘school’ bus when he gets home and he carefully gets off with his lunch box.

They were so amused by what Rocky was doing, that his owners decided to record a video when one of the daycare workers arrived at the house and opened the doors of the transport in which the animals are taken. The man got out of the vehicle to open the door and, while holding it in his hand, he waited for the dog to take his lunch box and drive home.

The dog says goodbye to the employee and runs into his house with the lunch box in his mouth. This adorable scene captivated netizens, and quickly made the video viral, reaching over 13 million views and nearly 2 million likes ; people really loved Rocky. The comments section was filled with beautiful words.

Here are some of the comments: “I better not forget my lunch box or else my mom will punish me if I don’t bring it home,” “and that dog is more responsible than I was when I went to daycare and school” “food is the most important thing, we can’t forget it under any circumstances” “Rocky, thank you, you made my day”.

Without a doubt, this dog has brightened the day of many people, with his fun way of bringing his lunch box home, without fail, every day when he comes home from daycare. Congratulations Rocky! He really is a very responsible dog. with a great memory that knows what its priorities are.



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