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Dog: Why is he tilting his head quad you’re talking to him!

Nodding, one of the most endearing things a dog does when listening to us. There are some hypothetical theories that may explain this gesture. Here they are !

Your dog tilts his head to hear you better

One theory is that your dog tilts his head to better hear your words. Admittedly, canines have quite remarkable hearing that allows them to pick up near and distant sound frequencies. By tilting his head, your dog may be trying to make sure the sound is coming from you.

Indeed, that your pet understands certain specific words that he is used to hearing… A large part of what you say to him remains scrambled, however. It’s like hearing a foreign language and only knowing a few words. You strain to catch the words you recognize in a torrent of indecipherable noise. Well, it’s the same for your dog.

Your dog knows you're talking to him!

Your dog knows you’re talking to him!

So to better satisfy you, he tries to retain your words. By tilting his head, he focuses on the most suitable position to understand you as clearly as possible.

A particularly common gesture in dogs with drooping ears, such as Labradors. The latter turn their whole head to better reposition them when they are addressed. What about those who have pricked up ears? These pets can spin them independently of each other. But the latter also have the reflex to bow their heads when they listen to their masters.

To see you better

To see you better

Dogs, like cats, are highly dependent on body language. These pets also read human faces remarkably well. But their muzzle limits their field of vision. This is why, to better detect what intrigues them, your dog may feel the instinctive need to tilt his head often.

You can experience it yourself. Close your fist and place your thumb against your nose and watch what is happening outside. You don’t see much there. This indeed gives you an idea of ​​what a dog sees. If he looks you straight in the eye, he won’t see your mouth. But if he tilts his head slightly, he will be able to see your whole face better. He will therefore have a more precise idea of ​​the tone of your voice and will try to better understand what you are saying to him.

A human mimicry?

A human mimicry?

Dogs are really cute when they tilt their heads this way. Their owners immediately start complimenting them, petting them, cuddling them and giving them time. Remember that canines are very intelligent. So sensitive and eager for affection, over time, this gesture may have become acquired. Your dog may be doing this unconsciously, just to get you to pay more attention.

Important !

Important !

On the other hand, if you notice on several occasions that your dog tilts his head, but does not seem to be listening to you. It may be an ear infection that requires medical treatment. It would therefore be wiser to go to the veterinarian.

Dear reader, you are now a little more enlightened on the different reasons that may explain where this head tilting movement may well come from. However, regardless of the hypothesis, it remains a touching gesture that will always melt dog owners. Especially when we know that these pets seek by all means to better understand and satisfy us.



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