Dogs, cats, Nacs: seven days of reflection and a mandatory certificate before adopting

This certificate aims to reduce the number of abandonments and animal abuse (©Adobe Stock)

16,457. This is the number of abandoned animals recorded by the SPAonly between 1er May and August 31, 2022. Sad figure again this summer.

To fight against the abandonment and mistreatment of animals, it is now compulsory, since 1er october 2022, to sign a “certificate of commitment and knowledge” if you want to buy or adopt a pet, seven days before welcoming your new furry or feathered companion.

The goal ? Avoid impulse purchases, and the abandonments that sometimes follow a few months later. Because this document aims to inform you about the needs and behaviors of your pet, the cost of its maintenance, and the obligation to register its identification, as specified on the website.

Too many dropouts

Because each year, the abandonment of animals is legion, particularly during the summer holidays. The SPA indicates on its website that every summer, more than 10,000 animals victims of these summer abandonments are collected, even though many solutions exist today to have your companion looked after during his holidays: kennel, animal care at home, family, friends, etc.

What happens to abandoned animals?

The SPA specifies that wild abandonment leads the animal to wander for several days, even several weeks. While wandering, he is subject to the elements, lack of food and water, traffic accidents, and the cruelty of some ill-intentioned humans.
If the animal survives all of this, it can be picked up by a pound. But if the latter does not apply the rules of the SPA pounds, at the end of the legal waiting period of 8 working days, the animal is euthanized. “If he is lucky, the animal can be picked up by one of our pounds, in which case he will be placed in a shelter and will be definitively recognized as a survivor”.

Know the animal’s needs

Thus, this certificate makes it possible to specify, according to the animal concerned (cat, dog and NACs: new pets), the following elements:

  • their daily physiological, behavioral and medical needs;
  • the obligations relating to his identification (electronic chip or tattoo);
  • the costs and logistical implications (desirable space, outings, babysitting during holidays, etc.) related to the satisfaction of his needs throughout his life.

For equidae (horse, pony, donkey, etc.), this certificate of commitment will be compulsory from December 31, 2022, whatever the date of acquisition of your animal.

Who issues the certificate?

This document is written by a person holding the Attestation of knowledge for pets of domestic species (Acaced) or an equivalent professional certification. It can be a veterinarya breedera manager of a shelter or animal protection association (like the SPA for example).

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“It is not necessarily the person transferring the animal, especially if it is an individual”, specifies the site

The certificate must therefore be signed and completed by hand seven days before the adoption or purchase of the animal. Be careful, if you do not respect it, you expose yourself to Sanctions !

A decree to come will specify this sanction, we still read on the site.

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