DRC: 275 CENI agents and managers ready to be deployed to train staff in the revision of the electoral register

The Second Deputy Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI), Didi Manara Linga, completed at the William Booth University in Gombe, the training of level 1 trainers in the operation of the Audit of the Electoral Register (REF ). He was accompanied by the Speaker, Ms Patricia Nseya, the Deputy Speaker, Mr Paul Muhindo, the Deputy Quaestor, Ms Sylvie Birembano and Members of the Plenary, notably Ms Joséphine Ngalula, Mr Gérard Bisambu, Me Fabien Boko, Mr Roger Bimwala, Mr Jean Ilongo as well as the National Executive Secretary, Thotho Mabiku Totokani.

Under the supervision of the deputy rapporteur, 275 CENI agents and directors were equipped for one week at all stages of the revision of the electoral archive. They are therefore ready to take charge of Level 2 of the training, which will take place in the various provincial secretariats throughout the Republic.

On behalf of President Denis Kadima, the Second Vice President, Mr. Didi Manara Linga, reminded the audience of the main objective pursued by CENI: ” We must all remember the main objective that characterizes all our actions, namely the holding of elections within the constitutional deadline. For this, there is no need to remind you that time is not our ally. We therefore no longer have to waste time and ensure the continuation of the education courses”.

The second vice-president of CENI also took the opportunity to appeal to all stakeholders in the process: “ We can say today that CENI has already marked the path that will lead the country to future elections, which we all want to be free, democratic and transparent, with the involvement of all stakeholders in the electoral process.I”.

Didi Manara invited all stakeholders in the electoral process to raise public awareness on voter identification and registration operations already on the horizon.

As training supervisor, Paul Muhindo praised the attendance of the participants during the training.

Several factors contributed to the success of this level 1 of the cascade, particularly the punctuality and application shown by both the facilitators and the participants, respecting the training program. This session was characterized by a good coordination of the training between supervisors and facilitators “, he said.

In addition, the National Executive Secretary expressed his gratitude to the members of the CENI Bureau and the Plenary Assembly for doing everything to ensure the success of this Level 1 training before congratulating the participants according to their category (Procedural Facilitators, IT Facilitators, Technical supervisors and heads of cabinet).

Ms. Nancy Lutonadio, IT Department Agent, thanked on behalf of the participants the new management of CENI, headed by Denis Kadima Kazadi, for making possible this high level and excellent quality training, based on internal expertise under the coordination of the national executive secretariat.



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