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Driving in Flers, without a license, without insurance and under the influence of drugs: the prison is closed

The driver of a car was sentenced to 4 months in prison for driving in Flers (Orne) without a driving license, without insurance and under the influence of euphoric drugs. Illustrative photo. ©Jean-Luc Pellerin

Four months imprisonment. This is the judgment handed down on Wednesday 9 November 2022 by Argentinian courthouse against a 22-year-old young man who was checked in Flers (Orne) at the wheel of a car that was not insured, even though he did not hold driver’s license and which he had used drugs.

A police check

The facts go back to July 12, 2022. It is 10:20 a.m. when the Flers police are told that a vehicle, an Opel Vectra, is parked in a parking space reserved for the residence. Upon their arrival, they proceed to driver control who is just leaving his parking space.

He spontaneously admits not being the owner driver’s license. Exposed to various displays, it turns out drug positive. Continuing their check, they also find that this vehicle is not covered by anyone insurance agreement.

“I had an interview”

At the bar of the Argentine court stands the defendant, a 22-year-old man who lives in Ille-et-Vilaineacknowledge the facts.

I had an appointment that morning and had no one to drop me off, so I took my older brother’s car. I know I didn’t take the right solution, but I was looking for a job and that day I had an interview.

The accused

He admits that he took the road that morning from his home in Ille-et-Vilaine. No license, no insurance and under drugs. “Do you realize that you threatened everyone who came across you? the president asks.

His criminal record has so far included four convictions for acts of violence, contempt and driving without a driving licence, a sentence handed down by Aix-en-Provence Criminal Court (Bouches-du-Rhone).

“We have exhausted the legal control”

“Misdemeanors every year since 2019, including two this year, even though he has been warned by the courts”, emphasizes the public prosecutor. Even though he is aware that this man is making an effort, he reminds us that he is under the guise of a repetition.

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We have exhausted the judicial control, the financial fines and the conditional prison sentences, we can only go up in the graduation of the sentences.

The prosecutor

He is demanding a sentence of four months in prison, which can be served under electronic bracelet.

“I apologize, my mistakes are in the past and I hope you will understand me,” the defendant concludes.

The man is finally found guilty of all the facts and sentenced in accordance with the state attorney’s requisitions.

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