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duration, amount, contribution… what changes for new borrowers

In a study published on Thursday, October 20, the broker Meilleurtaux is interested in the portrait of the real estate borrower in 2022. Contribution, loan amount, salary to be able to borrow… All figures are increasing and necessarily affect the files.

You no longer need to be a real estate expert to know: despite the rather positive figures for the number of completed transactions, the year 2022 remains turbulent on the mortgage market with a very clear rise in interest rates since last month. March, and more and more blocked files. This concerns, among other things, the rate of attrition, the maximum threshold above which a bank may not lend. Faced with these changes in the market, the borrower’s profile also changes. On the basis of files processed since the beginning of the year, the broker Meilleurtaux takes stock of the ongoing changes

The personal contribution, a real sesame for property credit in 2022

The two main criteria for the banks to study a file is the borrower’s income and his personal contribution, assures Mal Bernier, spokesman for the broker Meilleurtaux. The higher the salary and contribution, the more the individual will be able to benefit from a high loan amount and a more favorable credit interest rate.

According to Meilleurtaux, the average contribution is 47,651 euros in 2022. If the Parisian borrowers passed through the broker explodes the average, with a contribution of almost 120,000 euros, Bourgogne-Franche-Comt is the opposite region where borrowers bring the least, with 23711euros average. In Ile-de-France, it is even more complicated than elsewhere to borrow without a contribution, because prices are higher there, so without contribution, the loan amount simply does not allow to buy a viable surface, details Mal Bernier. It is not the banks that force the borrowers to pay a high down payment, but the price of stone in this region that forces the borrowers to make an effort to hope for an acceptable surface.

In a previous study, the broker Cafpi announced that the average amount of the contribution was 60,000 euros on average in France in 2022, against 48,000 euros a year ago. Paris, the latter even reaching 150,000 euros!

The increase in the average loan amount

Not surprisingly, Paris is where we borrow the most, with an average of 433,637 euros. And among the regions where the average loan amount is the highest, we find Ile-de-France (341,937 euros on average against 298,187 euros last year) and the PACA region (268,551 euros on average against 229,202 euros in 2021) . On average, borrowers subscribe nationwide a credit of 240,908 euros, i.e. 47,704 euros more over a yearsince this amount was 193,204 euros in 2021.

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For its part, the broker Cafpi distinguishes in a press release published on Thursday 20 October between loans taken out by first-time buyers and second-time buyers. First, the average loan is 243,160 euros and 397,061 euros for the second category.

An increasing credit duration

For Meilleurtaux, the average loan period is 22 years in 2022 compared to 21 years last year. According to Mal Bernier, this is the longest duration ever observed since we conducted this study. The broker Cafpi reports a medium credit period 279 months (23 years and three months) for the third quarter of 2022.

Without presenting the same figures, the Observatory Credit Housing CSA also notes the same phenomenon with a duration of 243 months in September (20 years and 3 months). In 2001, the duration was 13 years and 6 months, the Observatory recalls in its barometer for the 3rd quarter of 2022.



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