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Eden Hazard and Jan Vertonghen ready to kiss before Belgium-Canada?

Presenter Siska Schoeters offered Jan Vertonghen and Eden Hazard a kiss before the game for the Red Devils against Canada. Goals? Bypass Fifa’s ban on wearing the One Love armband during the 2022 World Cup.

“What if Eden Hazard and Jan Vertonghen give each other a kiss tomorrow at the start of the game? on the mouth? So what? So we win” @BELGAIMAGE

This is the latest controversy to date at the start of the World Cup in Qatar. The seven European teams (Belgium, Germany, England, Denmark, Netherlands, Wales and Switzerland), which planned a “One Love” armband to show their support for inclusion and their opposition to LGBTQ+ discrimination, ended up giving up.

in the question? The categorical no from Fifa, who threatens to sanction the team whose captain would go on the pitch with the colored armband. On Instagram, VRT host Siska Schoeters launched an idea to circumvent the ban from the International Football Association. “What if Eden Hazard and Jan Vertonghen gave each other a kiss tomorrow at the start of the match? on the mouth? So what ? So we win“, advanced the host.

A suggestion that did not seem to deter the Anderlecht defender. “Share! We just have to convince Eden“, he first commented in response to Schoeters’ post before finally deleting his reaction. As for Eden Hazard, who will captain against Canada, he did not react.

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Or imitate the gesture of the Germans?

It remains to be seen whether the two Devils would really be ready to make a much more symbolic gesture than wearing a “simple” armband, even in the colors of the rainbow. Jan Vertonghen expressed his discomfort with the FIFA ban at a press conference on Tuesday. “I’m afraid to say anything. I don’t feel comfortable, it is quite revealing that we are under pressure. It is a regrettable situation that I have never known in football and I hope not to relive it again. It means we are controlled, although I don’t like to make political statements. But if you can’t even wear a captain’s armband with normal messages like ‘no to racism’ or ‘no to discrimination… I’m not going to say anything about it just because tomorrow I want to be at the game. this situation“.

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The coach of the Red Devils, Roberto Martinez, assessed that “for two years, the players and the association [belge de football, ndlr] have been proactive. It’s not like we get there now and have to catch up on what’s going on. We talked to each other, we respected each other’s views, worked with professionals who knew the situations (in Qatar). Now we just want to talk football and can’t wait to get on the pitch“.

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Unless the Devils choose to react in a different way, like the German players who, at the time of the team picture, on Wednesday against Japan, put a hand over their mouth. A sign that no, you can’t say and do what you want in Qatar…



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