eight years later, she finds her dog Gringo 200 km from her home


“It was very difficult for me to realize. It’s a lot of emotions and the best gift that could be given to me at this time of my life,” says the young woman who immediately made Gringo, 11 years old today, the mascot in her tattoo parlor. – she works in Pissos in Landes and Biganos. “He took a long time to find his bearings. On the way back, in the car, he kept hugging me, so when we got to my dad’s place, a place he used to go, everything came back. There was a click. “For eight years, Marina Monvoi-Robin has never stopped looking for her dog, an Italian breed, a cane corso. She consults Facebook groups, specialized pages, etc. “I was starting to lose hope…”

The flea and the post office

A first miracle, postal this, occurs on Thursday, January 5, when a letter from the department’s kennel in Lot-et-Garonne in Caubeyres, addressed to an old address, reaches him via his father. Which includes a fine of 175 euros for pound costs… “I understood immediately. It was about a cane and I recognized the number of the chip which I know by heart. “Very quickly, “with the fear that he could have been euthanized as the letter was dated November 4”, the young woman called Caubeyre’s kennel. But Gringo is no more. “I have not received any information about his destination. I immediately called SPA on 47, who advised me to call the Brax refuge. I first went to the website of the structure. And there I recognized him in a picture. The next day, Marina leaves for Lot-et-Garonne and finds the object of her research. A culmination.

Gringo over 8 years ago with Marina's son.

Gringo over 8 years ago with Marina’s son.


At the scene, Christine Salane, the president of the refuge for nearly twenty years, is still in disbelief. “We have witnessed a reunion, but after eight years of separation, never. It is extraordinary. ” A miracle ? Not quite. “It’s because the dog is identified. With the chip, there is always the hope that one day we will find our animal,” recalls Christine Salane. It was on November 24 that Gringo was adopted by Brax’s shelter. “We always take old dogs because it’s comfortable,” she says. In his case, no one came to claim him. Did he run away? Was it abandoned by the person the animal lived with? No one contacted Caubeyre’s kennel. Apart from its real owner. And that’s quite unusual again, because eight years later it’s not easy.”


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