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Electric scooter: what do you risk if you don’t insure yourself?

To be able to ride an electric scooter legally, you must be insured. In fact, the electric scooter belongs to the category of motorized personal transport vehicles (EDPM), like electric skateboards, hoverboards, mono-wheels or Segways (their maximum speed cannot exceed 25 km/h). That’s why she is subject to the Traffic Act.

The insurance obligation to drive an electric scooter

Regardless of whether it is a personal or self-service scooter, you must have liability insurance as a minimum. Already included in your home insurance, you need to extend it to also cover your trips to EDPM (sometimes at no extra cost). In fact, if you are responsible for an accident on the handlebars of your scooter, this insurance (compulsory, let’s remember) can cover the physical and material damage caused by third parties.

There is also optional insurance that can cover your electric scooter if it is damaged (material warranty). In this case, it is a specific insurance contract that is intended for electric scooters, but can also be included in your car or even home insurance contracts (check the clauses in your contracts). Optional contracts can also protect you in the event of personal injury, but also guarantee you against theft or vandalism. Some also include criminal defense and legal protection. The compulsory insurance for electric scooters is cheap, around four euros a month. If you choose an all-risk formula, it can amount to around fourteen euros per month.

Fines for not insuring an electric scooter

The insurance of an electric scooter is mandatory, if you do not own one, you expose yourself to financial and legal sanctions. You can thus be verbalized and must:

You can also have your electric scooter confiscated. To be sure of being covered by your insurance, it is recommended that you follow the rules that apply to all drivers: drive carefully, do not drive on the pavement (risk of a fine of 135 euros) or on the road, drive on cycle paths , to wear a helmetdo not wear headphones, do not make phone calls, have not consumed alcohol or drugs and traveling alone (passengers are prohibited).

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