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Electricity, Livret A, a-kasse… which will change on 1 February 2023

From Wednesday 1 February, certain sectors such as energy and banking will experience tariff increases. Changes are also planned regarding the duration of unemployment insurance.

Here are the changes that will take place in various sectors from February 1:

After the gas prices in January, it is time for the regulated electricity prices to be adjusted upwards. From 1 February, energy tariffs will increase, but cannot exceed 15%. Set after the expansion of the tariff shield, this limitation “concerns all households, owner-occupied flats, public housing, small businesses and the smallest municipalities”, specifies Service For households that heat with electricity, this measure implies an average increase of €20 per month. Without the customs shield, “it would have been €180”, indicates the official site of the French administration.

This had not happened since 2009. The Livret A rate will increase: it will go from 2% to 3%. An identical reassessment also concerns the booklet on sustainable and solidarity development (LDDS) and the booklet Youth. The People’s Savings Account (LEP) saw its interest rate rise to 6.1% (up from 4.6% previously). This bank revaluation is the consequence of the sharp increase in prices, as the rates for these different booklets are calculated according to inflation.

The news was announced on January 20 by Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire. From 1 February to 1 July, the maximum interest rate at which a bank can lend to its customers will now be reviewed monthly. Until now, the frequency was quarterly. This revision “will concern all categories of wear rates, in particular mortgages, consumer loans and loans to local authorities and associations”, had specified the Minister of Economy in a press release.

As part of the unemployment insurance reform, a decree plans to reduce the duration of the benefit by 25%. This measure only applies to new beneficiaries at Pôle Emploi whose employment contract expires on 1 February. Those whose dismissal procedure would have been initiated before this date are not affected. “The date of initiation of the dismissal procedure corresponds, depending on the case, to the date of the initial interview or to the date of presentation of the letter of invitation to the first meeting of the Social and Economic Committee”. specifies the decree published in the Official Journal of the European Union on January 27.

At the universities, admission to the first year of the candidate will take place online via My candidate. From February 1, the site will replace Launched by the Ministry of Higher Education, this new platform will give students access to all the Masters offered in France (with the exception of a few rare courses). Above all, this new site will allow them to centralize all their applications in a single file. If the site goes live on 1 February, students will be able to start applying from 22 March.

Two ceilings for MaPrimeRenov’s public support scheme will be increased: “MaPrimRenov condominiums” go from €15,000 to €25,000 and “MaPrimRenov peace of mind” from €30,000 to €35,000. This revaluation of premiums was recorded to account for inflation and promoting global renovations”, had indicated at the end of December Christophe Béchu, minister of the ecological transition, in a press release.

vsMaPrimeRenov’ was established in 2020 and makes it possible to finance the work with insulation, heating, ventilation or energy audit of a detached house or an apartment in collective housing. This premium is available to all owners and all condominiums built for at least 15 years.

Taxi prices are slightly increased. The maximum price per kilometer traveled has been increased to €1.21, compared to €1.12 until now. The ceiling on the hourly rate – which includes slow walks and waiting periods – will be determined at €38.96. He was from €37.46 last year. On the other hand, the minimum price of a journey does not change and remains the same €7.30. Ditto for the price shown on the meter when the customer is picked up, always set to a maximum of €4.18.



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