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Enckell and Tesla found law firm Altes

For law firms Enckell and Tesla, unity is strength. They have just created Altes. This merger was a natural fit and aims to make business life easier for their customers by offering them, in particular, even better integrated services. Complementary and now united, Carl Enckell, Sophie de Senilhes, Olivier Roux and Philippe Savatic thus reinforce their efficiency.

Altes will continue to focus on business and environmental law, but also on the changes imposed on companies in their activities in terms of the preservation of terrestrial heritage. This new firm will also continue to support private operators, local authorities, large groups and SMEs from different sectors (industry, energy, logistics, distribution, construction, communication, events, biotechnology and tertiary). Its strength will lie in its ability to provide concrete, secure and personalized solutions, based on its knowledge of the trades and its multidisciplinary expertise. Its four members are, in fact, experienced professionals, trained in renowned French and Anglo-Saxon firms and involved in advice, negotiation and litigation.

Both lawyers and entrepreneurs, they have been aware of economic and societal issues throughout their careers. They are part of a long-term partnership relationship with their customers. This collaboration is based on trust, proximity and exchange. It is characterized by permanent involvement and continuity of services. In addition, this quartet of lawyers has been actively involved for many years in the drafting of recognized legal works, provides specialized training and regularly publishes articles in professional journals.

The Altes firm will be structured into centers of expertise (company engineering, industrial environment, construction and transport in particular) to effectively cover all the required fields of intervention. Although its headquarters are in Paris, it also has a branch in Serris.



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