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Energy bonus provided by the Wallonia region: be prepared for a long wait

If you are applying for energy subsidies or work in the Wallonia region, you must be patient. The situation in the region’s services is indeed very tense. This is due to a lack of staff combined with an influx of enquiries.

Some wait up to a year to retouch their bonuses

This is the case with Anne, who has completely remodeled her house. When she started her job 2 years ago, she figured the bonuses would balance her budget. But the bonuses are long overdue, as Anne explains. “I had to shift the money and I asked 4 friends to help me so they loaned me this money. Finally one of them was getting impatient and I finally had to wait a year to receive this bonuses”.

We are waiting for a minimum of 9 to 10 months.

A general observation for many customers

“It takes many months to get the bonuses, which causes problems in relation to the financial structure of their loans, confirms Yvain Stiénon, auditor of the En’Hestia energy renovation platform, which supports people who want to renovate their building in Gembloux and Namur. We are waiting for a minimum of 9 to 10 months. The Walloon region must be able to have sufficient staff to meet the growing demand given the objectives for 2050. It is the whole chain that needs to be analyzed to get more companies active in this area. Architects, accountants, PEB managers who are in numbers”.

Both in the administration and in the office of the minister responsible for the renovation grants, it is accepted that there is a problem and that the staff cannot handle everything in time. It takes at least 6 months minimum, we are told.

Solutions for the future

A reflection is underway to try to handle the influx of requests. This would mean simplifying procedures, awarding certain bonuses without prior audit and even hiring staff. Everything is on the table.



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