Energy sobriety: Are the French ready to turn down the heat?

Lower the heat to save energy (Photo: – )

Put on a turtleneck at work or throw under a plaid at home, all tricks are good to use to reach the goal set by the public authorities: Lower the temperature to a maximum of 19 degrees this winter. But are the French really ready to play the game?

According to the poll conducted exclusively by Opinionway (1), the answer is “yes”. 82% of the respondents are thus in favor of limiting the heating to 19 degrees in public buildings such as administrations or schools and 81% for the same limitation to be applied in private companies.

The French are also ready to provide people at home, as they are 71% to be ready not to heat above 19 degrees, and 40% agree to temporarily limit the supply of gas and electricity to some households at peak times.

Furthermore, the idea of ​​a progressive tariff for gas and electricity won 64% of the vote.

The French were worried about the risk of shortages

This mobilization can perhaps be explained by a considerable awareness of the challenges that await us in the coming months: 71% of the French are worried about the risk of a shortage of at least one energy:

  • 64% fear a power shortage

  • 55% fear gas shortages

  • 51% fear a lack of fuel (gasoline or diesel) Experts in the statement analyze that women, the youngest and the most modest, are most worried about these risks.

Finally, 56% of respondents believe that in the event of a shortage of electricity or gas, it is necessary to favor the supply of individuals over companies in order to limit the impact on the daily life of the population.

(1) “The French and the energy crisis”, Opinionway for Les Echos and Radio Classique, September 2022.

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