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ESSENTIAL things to know!

Taking out car insurance also means you miss out on optional but essential options. A quick overview of things to know!

When you own a car, you must subscribe to car insurance for not paying your pocket the damage in case of an accident. And sometimes the price of this insurance is very high.

But active of your vehicle and its use, you can take out different types of insurance such as third-party, extended third-party or all-risk insurance.

These are often insurance contracts their advantage play on several areas of shadow.

Optional but essential offers

The bonus/malus coefficient: here it is a problem which constantly trots in the head drivers.

First of all, know in case of interruption car insurance under at least 3 yearsyou will come back automatic in the eyes of the insurance companies to a status of young permit.

Which means you reboot Without any bonus or malus, and therefore that you will pay full pan.

Know that too the driver is not necessarily always covered of his insurance. This is the case when it is responsible of the disaster.

Yes, if the passengers are actually all protected and it will be fine compensated under civil liability, the insured, on the other hand, must have subscribed for a warranty “Driver Protection”. Otherwise the driver is not covered if he is wrong.

This is a guarantee optional which, however, often is included in extended third-party or all-risk formulas. However, it is necessary check the contract due to certain insurances do not offer this option.

Insure against theft

Review flight of your car is a great option, both it is a practice which is only increasing according to the government.

Not to pay the total damage to your pocketit is possible to subscribe to an insurance against theft.

However, the contracts are very sharp on the subject and you therefore risk being taken in if you are not on guard.

Such is a flight without burglary is part of things not included in many companies.

Very often, the insurance requires at least two break-ins materializedi.e. the lock, the steering column, etc.

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Reach bonus level 50

The famous landing that drivers will be waiting for: bonus 50. This is the threshold that allows you to take advantage of the insurance premium as low as possible.

But to have the opportunity to achieve this reward, it is necessary to be patient. In fact, you can only have this threshold after 13 years insurance and without having committed the slightest accident.

For each hangingit is 25% less on your bonus/penalty. As a reminder, this one climb it off 5% per year.



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