Every Sunday this priest, with incomparable devotion to stray dogs, has his own ritual

Filled with compassion for abandoned dogs, João Paulo Araujo Gomes is a Brazilian priest who rallies his community to find them a loving family. The story of this moving story.

Gomes exercises in the diocese Caruaruin the eastern part of Brazilsince February 2013. During Sunday mass, he made it a habit to present his parishioners with dogs that he had collected in his home, to enable them to find a new home.

He also takes care of washing and feeding them. Thanks to her unwavering commitment, dozens of dogs have already found their forever families. A post Save your to his credit sparked many reactions from netizens who called his actions “lessons in compassion, discipline and responsibility“.

A man who advocates sharing

Gomes described as a priest”charming” of internet users and close to animals. His side Facebook testify to it. There are pictures of dogs he rescued and those available for adoption, like in this post.

The priest arouses admiration around him, which is proven by the users who follow him further Facebook :”Bless you, João Paulo Araujo Gomes, for giving these animals a chance to have a safe, healthy and fulfilling family life.” we can read among the comments to his publications.

Gomes also doesn’t hesitate to share pictures of her dogs who love to sleep in her bed.

Illustration of the article: Every Sunday this priest, with incomparable devotion to stray dogs, has his own ritual

Father Joao Paulo Araujo Gomes / Facebook

A commitment that extends beyond the walls of the diocese

The mission of Gomes even extends beyond social networks. Recently, she was the subject of an episode of the series Netflixdogs”entitled”Wandering Dog Parish“, to make his work better known to the general public. A source of inspiration for many spectators.

This commitment is all the more remarkable when we know that in 2020 Brazil numbered several million stray dogs according to World Animal Protection. Gomes brings his stone to the building in this fight against abandonment, a phenomenon that is still hard to stop.

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