Everything you need to know about unpaid rent guarantee insurance

Rent unpaid insurance, often referred to as “unpaid rent insurance,” protects landlords against financial loss resulting from tenant failure to pay rent or other fees, property damage, legal fees, and even landlord eviction.

Why take out unpaid rent insurance?

Tenant of a home or apartment whose owner is applying a solid and effective instrument for managing the rental of his property may consider the rent guarantee:

  • your assets are protected by rent default insurance;
  • rental income is guaranteed;
  • financial partners like to be reassured;
  • he is exempted from any responsibility in the management of a possible lawsuit thanks to the insurance for lack of rents;
  • the full cost of the insurance can be deducted from the rental income.

Some insurance companies offer a complete range of protection for landlords, including coverage for loss of income, property damage, moving costs and more. In the event of a lawsuit, you will be protected by unpaid rent insurance.

When to use this type of insurance?

Non-payment of rent poses a threat to landlords when tenants are unable to honor their payments. Landlords can protect themselves against this type of financial loss by taking out “Late Rent Insurance”. In case of non-payment of rent, she can become the new owner under special circumstances. The process is simple, if you don’t pay your rentr, you must first comply with a period of dispute resolution through mediation. This means that the landlord must now first contact the tenant to inform him of the delayed rent payment before the appeal procedure is started.

Unpaid rent insurance or guarantee protects the landlord and many other benefits. Read this article for more information.

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