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EXCLUDED – Brigitte Macron in the United States: this effort appreciated by Jill Biden

Bridget and Emmanuel Macron was travels to Washington, in the US, starting November 29, for four short days. A trip where the presidential couple visited Joe Biden and to the US First Lady, Jill. In the new issue of the magazine Galaon newsstands from Thursday, December 8, details regarding this trip will be revealed, below the two women could spend time together, to their greatest pleasure.

It is therefore quite natural that Brigitte Macron has decided to communicate in English, with Jill Biden. However, a translator was present to accompany the two first ladies in their discussions. An effort that the wife of the American president did not fail to notice, although it occurred to Brigitte Macron to fumble and search for her words in the language of Shakespeare. Anyway, this last one really appreciates the wife Joe Bidensince I shared a glass of wine in a cafe in Rome, in October 2021. By the end of this meeting, Jill had even enthusiastically assured: “We are like two sisters.”

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Two women with relatively similar lives

It must be said that they have a lot in common, both on a personal and professional level. Trained teachers, they both took their time before agreeing to marry their husbands. As a reminder, Brigitte Macron was not decided to say “Yes” to the man she loves before she accepted because he wanted to rub the noses of people who didn’t believe in their couple. For her part, Jill Biden had rejected four previous marriage proposals from Joe before she officially got the ring on her finger. Moreover, out of love, the two women agreed to discover the political world, away from them while they are relatively discreet and remain in the shadow of their husbands.

Our article on Brigitte Macron in the US can be read in full in the new issue of GALA, on newsstands Thursday 8 December or available by clicking here. You can also receive GALA at your home every Thursday by taking advantage of a NO OBLIGATION subscription offer !

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